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Ed Barguiarena is a composer for film, television, theater, dance, songs, art installations and more.


As a team member of The Right Brain Project and Intersection Studio, I use my experiences as a composer, educator, and artist, in fields outside of music. I have learned so much by working with other creative professionals: the power of story telling through multiple forms of media, the importance of having a voice and a distinct perspective, and the discipline of communicating with impact and clarity.

Responsibilities include:
Creative Director, Brand Strategy Design and Development, Copyrighter, Interviewer, Story Teller, Media Producer, Presenter, Mentor.

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The Right Brain Project delivers creativity programs led by experts in the fields of Neuroscience, Creativity Education, Design Thinking and Management Consulting.

Our firm was founded by a team of Creative Professionals and Neuroscientists. We have designed programs that harness the Science of Creativity, the Action of Creativity and the Language of Creativity to enable individuals and groups to excel at being creative.

The heart of our work is empowering leaders to tap into the creative energy that exists within their organizations.


2006 - present

Intersection Studio helps nonprofit leadership teams manage the complex evolving story of their organization to optimize performance, passion and fundraising across all stakeholders.

We work at the nexus of disciplines—strategy, identity, design and content creation.


Clients include:
ArtCenter College of Design
Segerstrom Center for the Arts
The Broad Stage
Pacific Symphony
United States Artists
Santa Monica City College
The Oakwood School